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This happens a lot.

Video Games:
I don’t release date-purchase games often these days, but I make exceptions for games like Mario Kart 8. I’ve only played through 50cc, partway through 100cc (I get neurotic about the order I play the cups in) and a couple rounds of the multiplayer battle mode. First off, the graphics are great. Nintendo Polish + HD = WOOPWOOP. Single player is good; pretty standard fare. The multiplayer is a bit of a disappointment.

Basically, they switched from battle mode-exclusive sandbox stages to simply using a few of the more condensed race tracks. Even for a stage like Moo Moo Farm, if you’re not going crazy head-to-head and ending the battle quickly, you’ll almost inevitably lose your opponent and drive aimlessly searching until the time runs out. Just in my experience, anyway. Either way, NOT fun. Here’s hoping a free DLC is somewhere down the pipeline. But they rebalanced the game overall to better reward skilled players (hellooooo, Super Horn~) and I don’t spend much time in multiplayer anyway, so I’m pretty satisfied. Worst case: I got Pikmin 3 for free.

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Pink Hour

Every time I try to fix my sleep schedule, it’s terrible. It really messes with ya’ head. Of course, I have to stick to it this time, as Lily will be starting little kid activities soon that begin at 9:30am. From here, it only moves to more consistent early mornings with pre-school, kindergarten and all the rest of those grades kids do. So I suppose this is my sleep schedule, from now on. XD

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