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The Bic pen would be… Dark type? The soda would be Water/Poison. Or is that too ‘social commentary-y’?

Video Games:
Have you played Transistor? From the makers of Bastion? I’m so glad to have come across this one (sent in by BnB, Regillix). As is fairly common in $10-$20 story-driven indie titles, the game isn’t too long. But the tight, streamlined package is, more often than not, more than satisfying.

The thing about Transistor is that its mechanics are so incredibly deep and customizable, I can already tell ~6 hours isn’t going to be enough time with them. With every ability (or “Function”), you have the option of using them as a direct ability/attack, attaching it to a pre-existing ability/attack to modify its behavior or attaching it to yourself, which can do many things from simply modifying attributes to adding a chance to go basically Super Saiyan during combat. Thanks to this system, Red (the protagonist) feels more personal. She feels like my Red. Someone I can identify with. Someone I created. Also, there’s Logan Cunningham.

Logan Cunningham/10

Other happenings on the gaming channel: I dragged Narun back, kicking and screaming, to record some Battleblock Theater and Space Farmers. I started a new Pokemon let’s play. I also one-offed a couple games and the Contrast let’s play has concluded.

Transistor #1

Pokemon TCG #1

Battleblock Theater #1 (with Narun)

Lily’s finally started playing that keyboard we bought her a while back. She chose a particularly somber synth instrument and plinked away all sad-like. I asked her why she was playing a sad song and she replied that her friend had died. Her friend named John. He died in the water. She has never had a friend named John who died in the water and now I am scared.

Closing Comments:
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