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Video Games:
Hmmm. I’ve been thinking about the PS Vita a lot, lately. It’s like the Wii U in how it has only a handful of really interesting games, but it’s said handful that pushes me for it. I mean Tearaway, sure! Persona 4 Golden, Gravity Rush and Touch My Katamari, yes. The thing that pushed me to start actually considering legitimately wanting one, however, was the Terraria port and how Terraria now has a “context-sensitive” button which, when pressed, automatically brings out an item the game deems appropriate for whatever your cursor is hovering over (block, torch, pickaxe, axe, etc). A context-sensitive button!? This is a thing that’s not in a bunch of other games!? I got to see it in action on the PC version when I played with Spark (partaker of the Patreon perk that lets ya’ play games with me), recently, and I could immediately see how a handheld or console version could be very desirable. Case closed. Jury dismissed. Clear my schedule. Water my plants. I actually want a Vita.


Tenoreo’s brother and sister-in-law are coming to stay for a week while they look for work/a place to stay, next week. Nothing like having guests to make you actually clean your home, hahahahahahaha

It’ll be nice to have family/friends physically close, though.

Closing Comments:
As always, thanks for reading! The support I’ve received for this story-arc has been awesome!