Press buttons. Beat bad guys. Make videos.

This comic was originally going to be the final part, but it was quiiiite large, so I ended up splitting it into two parts. Sorry to draw it out (HURRRRRR), but MAN is it nice to not do a million-billion panels.

Video Games:
Three games on my plate at the moment: Dragon’s Crown, Tomb Raider and TowerFall Ascension. I’ve already talked about Dragon’s Crown and you probably already know about the Tomb Raider reboot, but let me tell you something about TowerFall Ascension:




I stream it randomly because it’s so dang fun. SO DANG FUN AHHHHH

Also, hey, we’re nearing the end of Majora’s Mask!

I borked my back. It’s borked baaaad. It hurts to even sit here, typing this. ::finishes digging grave:: It’s my own fault, though. I always shrugged my g-ma off when she lectured me on posture and exercise. ::lies down in grave:: It never bothered me, but then I decided to do two things that make me sit at a desk for extended periods and I found less and less time to step away. ::pulls tarp and buries self in dirt:: Ahh, but I shall be fine. I’m doing these weird stretches, taking aspirin and taking it easy until it (hopefully) mends itself. ::feeds worms with body:: I’m sure I’ll be fine in a week or two. ::becomes 10 flowers, 16 weeds and 1 tree::

Closing Comments:
Almost back to butt jokes!


EDIT: The finale (or wrap-up, really), will go up Sunday night, around midnight. Lower-back pain continues to slow me down. I think it’s getting better, but it’s difficult to tell. I could just be getting used to it. In which case, hey– I’ll take it, I guess.