If you wouldn’t mind watching Lily and me play some Super Mario World hacks, then check out my let’s play channel!

Clock’s ticking!

I stepped out of my comfort zone a bit, with the lower half of this comic. I’m always self-critical of my coloring abilities, and trying something outside of what I know– especially in the area of coloring, is quite nerve-wracking. Anyway, I’m mostly satisfied with how it turned out, though I’m sure I won’t be saying that here in a few months when ye’ olde “SWEET JESUS, DID I THINK THAT WAS GOOD!?” kicks in.

Video Games:
Dragon’s Crown was part of a sale on the Playstation Store, so I considered my month’s spending money and went for it. $17 ain’t bad for a game that, despite controversy around certain characters and their “assets”, received generally high scores and is still fairly new. I also just LOVE “Golden Axe”-type games. “Beat-em-ups”, is it? Anyway, Tenoreo and I played the game through its first two quests (I, as the Amazon and she, as the Fighter) and found it to be an overall enjoyable experience. The camera tracking for co-op games gets a little disorienting and the translation/localization isn’t flawless, but if that’s all I can complain about (so far), I’ll definitely keep playing.

Lily and I started playing a Super Mario World hack on the gaming channel. Mario is Missing! 2: Luigi’s New Adventure, as it is so aptly called, puts you in control of the green… whatever he calls himself these days, as you once again set out to retrieve your kidnapped bro from the nefarious (and at this point, I can only assume bored and more invested in Luigi’s physical fitness than actually conquering anything) Bowser Koopa. But you won’t need to learn geography (or whatever it was) to get around, this time, for the adventure takes place in good old Dinosaur Land with all your familiar friends. Who could forget the iconic “Generic Jellyfish” or “That Bat Thing From Megaman”, all set to backdrops I can only assume came from Castlevania? But yeah, it’s a strange mishmash of things. However, it’s ended up being quite good. It’s got a nice balance of difficulty and variety. It’s not just “hack-hard”, which is something I’m getting somewhat fatigued with. Not that I couldn’t give Mario Must Die or even Cat Mario a go, considering I haven’t actually played any of them. I’m more saying that I enjoy difficulty when it’s not simply for the sake of difficulty. Trial-and-error just ain’t my cup o’ tea.

Super Mario World Hack: Mario Is Missing! 2 (Part 1) with Lily

Tenoreo and Lily went to an Ikea store for the first time today and apparently had a blast? There was interesting food and a “cool kid area that you have to wait in line for”? I thought they just sold confusing furniture and cake that had horse poop in it?

Closing Comments:
We’re nearing the end of our story-arc! I’m trying to keep it short for those who come to the site expecting poop jokes and other such gems of comedy. Just hang in there, folks. Humor my story-telling itch and we’ll be back before you know it.