I got a let’s play channel. My 3-year-old joins me, here and there. She’s getting pretty good. How’s your mum?

Oh, MAN, this one took a lot longer to draw than the other ones. Thanks, past Kakujo, for drafting all that detail into those 3 panels.

Video Games:
Since my desktop’s been in (and because I rarely leave the apartment), I’ve been hooking my laptop to the living room TV and using Steam’s “Big Picture Mode”. I’ve ridiculed it before, asking why we even need something like that and OHH MY GAAWD, how blind was I? Having my entire Steam library (well, the part of it that supports controllers) at my disposal from the comfort of my couch, 360 controller in hand, is actually quite nice! Ever since I realized this, the laptop’s taken up a mostly permanent position next to the game consoles. And tonight, I set up Minecontrol and have been playing a new Minecraft modpack (TechWorld2), in the living room, on the couch, with a controller. AHHHhhh– maybe I’m more excited about the fact that I have more opportunities to get away from my desk than anything. Either way, thumbs up!

My current Minecraft LP world got corrupted, so I had to make a new world and decided to go with a new modpack (of course, I caught the new world up to about where the Horizons LP was, first). So goodbye KakuCraft Horizons, and hello Kakujo’s Magic World! Also, I played a game called Cannon Brawl that I put off doing for a while because, full disclosure, I was worried it was just gonna be a Worms rip-off. HOWEVER, it turned out to be quite a lot more than that. It has a very “Kingdom Rush”, “iOS” asthetic, and the max resolution’s quite random, so I’m wondering if it was originally developed for iPad or something?

Cannon Brawl

Kakujo’s Magic World – C.O.R.E.’s Back! (Part 1)

I’m always a bit embarrassed to admit that I deal with quite a bit of back pain after being at my desk, drawing or editing for a few hours. It’s that “artist’s slouch” the chiropractor’s are always goin’ on about; one of those not-so-pretty aspects of the glamorous world of comics that you don’t see many artists talk about. It’s fairly unavoidable, unless you invest some serious money in tablet-arms and other ergonomic this-and-thats. Even then, sitting in a chair for any extended amount of time will eventually catch up to you. Silly me, I picked two endeavors that involve a whoooole bunch of butt-on-chair action. BUT, this pain typically only starts once I’ve been drawing for 8+ hours straight; not 2 or 3. The pain’s not a “pinching pain” and I’m perfectly fine as soon as I get out of this chair, so I’m quite certain the reason it’s been so bad lately is this FLAPPING CHAIR. Another commodity for the list~

Closing Comments:
Luckily, I don’t think the next couple pages will be too intense for me. Well, at least not “26+ Hours of Spine-Warping Scribbling” intense. As always, after I complain about some aspect of my work, I feel the need to remind you, my lovely Bits and Bytes, that I enjoy my work IMMENSELY and that you shouldn’t fret over me. Finishing a comic after that final push is one of the most satisfying feelings I’ve ever experienced. I wouldn’t change a thing about what I do. Other than the back pain.