Hello again, everyone!

Buckle up, folks. Next stop: Far China.

Video Games:
I haven’t actually updated the gaming channel much, this week. Sorry for that. 🙁 I know there are some of you that look to my videos for regular “entertainment” (I guess we’ll call it that), and I left you rather high-and-dry. Just got a little burnt out on doing consecutively large comics every week AND updating the channel daily. It seems fully addressing both “jobs” is a little undoable for me, simply due to time constraints. I hope you look forward to Lily either starting school or going to daycare for that reason as much as I am. In any case, I’m editing a couple vids to upload today, and video uploads will most certainly return to an increased level of normalcy once this story-arc’s over (less 14-panel comics = more time for videos).

If you are looking to watch something now, I put together a playlist of my 1/2/3-Parters for your retrospect:

First month of Patreon pledges went through successfully! I can strike a couple bills off my worry list, and– what’s this? Is that my hair starting to not fall out? GRAND!! Thank you all very much for supporting me~

Closing Comments:
Until next comic…