“How does this guy play video games, I wonder?” they asked. The mystery was solved sooner than expected.

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Video Games:
Trying to abstain from playing Minecraft in between episodes of the let’s play is difficult. The modpacks I LP, I LP them because, well, they’re fun. I could do a side-world, but that contributed to me getting bored of Yogbox, way back when. First World Whatevs

Played a game about a cooped-up cat that was oh, so cute! I also gave Delver a whirl. Delver is, while a short experience (weighing in at around an hour in length), a fun and pure first-person “roguelike” that is still technically in pre-release, so more features and hopefully expanded maps are coming.

PARTY WITHOUT ME, WILL YOU!? – Catlateral Damage

Delver – 2D Boy in a 3D World (Part 1)

This might partially fall under the “gaming” category, but Lily continues to get generally better at video games. Tenoreo and I sat down to play Super Mario 3D World with her, expecting a by-the-books session, and Lily SCHOOLED us. Like, she was running ahead (actually using the run button omg), grabbing coins, stars and stamps, bopping baddies and reaching high atop the flag, ending in her winning the crown. Like, what? I’m actually quite proud of her, though. I very rarely just handed her anything in the game, explaining that, if she wanted the check-mark flag or the kitty bell, she would have to get it herself. I mean sure, I threw her the kitty bell and waited for her before jumping on the end-level flag half the time, but I also want her to experience that growth and the satisfaction that comes with it. And MAN, was she elated! Congratulation were had, high-fives were exchanged, and off we went to the next level, where I busted out my ‘A’-game and DEVASTATED MY DARLING DAUGHTER!!


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