Let’s play! I mean, y’know, video games!

100 comics! Thanks so much for joining me up ’til now, Bits and Bytes! And, y’know, hopefully into the future. I can’t convey how much your support means to me! <3 When was the last time I did a story-arc? That sackboy/yoshi/kirby thing, I think? This one will end up around 5 or 6 pages. Anyway, here’s hoping you end up liking it!

Video Games:
Lily and I played Rayman Origins and MAN is she getting good. She’s also getting that whole “gamer stare” you get when you just settle in for some nice gaming. And the “gamer slouch”. It’s nice to be able to see her grow in gaming skill like I did when I was a babby bean (I was acing Super Mario Bros when I was 2, so she’s still got some catching-up to do, but y’know).

Rayman Origins – My Kid’s a Serious Gamer, Now (Part 1) with Lily

The week with my grandmother was awesome! Lily was so happy to see her. We all were. We showed her around town, watched movies, ate things; an all-around good time. ‘Course, I got behind on my work, as a result. Sorry about that. 🙁 I could build up a backlog if I could afford to send Lily to daycare a couple days a week, but we’ll cross that road and blah-de-bloo.

Closing Comments:
The art chakras are primed and I’m gonna keep it going so I can get the next part up on time, next Saturday! YEAHhhHHHHH!!