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  1. Gerge

    Igglybuff needs to use Metronome, then get a water move and fix everything. That’d be the icing on the cake.

  2. Creeper king


  3. Neoxis

    You sly fox, got me on a 25/month pledge cause you’re so great. Here’s hoping that session is once every month, would have asked but other people almost took them all. lol

    • It is indeed per month and THANK YOUUU!! Thanks to your feedback, I’ll update the perk with that clarification, so future BnBs shan’t fall to the same confusion as yours.

  4. Spade The fox

    Also, this is so true… I always wondered what happened to the town next to me when I used waterfall or something and water filled the screen.

  5. Megan Payette

    At least Igglybuff isn’t dead.

  6. Vasqueztion

    Look, look at those dead eyes. Igglybuff wants this, he’s DREAMED of this. Such destruction, such chaos, what visions of death swell behind those large bubbled eyes?
    Perhaps it knows: That I’ve become a Patron and kicked your comic into 100 dollars! Babby steps, babby steps.

    • Thank yyoouuuUUUUU!! Igglybuff was never a pre-evolution, but merely a Jigglypuff that was the product of Satan’s machinations.

  7. Sleepology

    Is it just me or would these talkujos be a good fireside chat dealie?

    • Fireside chat? Like, I should do this in front of that fireplace video thing? That could be a thing. XD

      • Vasqueztion

        The fireside chats were a series of thirty evening radio addresses given by United States President Franklin D. Roosevelt between 1933 and 1944. On radio, he was able to quell rumors and explain his reasons for social change slowly and comprehensibly. (As taken from the Wikipage: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fireside_chats)

  8. Kuma

    Oh yeah! Talkujos in front of the fireplace, with Kakujo in a rocking chair, warming his feet, and with a joypad in his hands. Would be so good.
    This comic was great, dude! Keep going! Did you try to contact some publishing houses? I think some might be interested in your stuff ;)

  9. PikkaRose

    Can this iggly puff be a thing now please xD Look at it, it was born for this.

  10. Ultamia

    I hope you’ve got something witty and awesome up your sleeve for your 100th comic. :3

  11. Spade The fox

    I feel terrible because I don’t have any money for patreon…
    Also, That means I won’t be a patron for the…

  12. Oh, just noticed that your 100th comic is coming! Good luck! Can’t wait!

  13. william

    byran you NEED to shave now, right now, now either that or a furry caterpiller is trying to crawl up your nose

    • When I try to move it, it hisses at me.

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