Hey. Oh, hi. Video Games.

There’s a reason certain moves aren’t attained through natural means, guys.

A Let’s Talkujo was posted the day before the new year, concerning Patreon and Content-ID.

Speaking of Patreon, check out my Patreon page and watch the 2-minute video I made explaining how it’s a great thing for KakuJomics and the way you interact with it! You can see the comic a day early and play video games with me~

Video Games:
Tenoreo, Lily and I do a gaming stream the first Sunday of every month and this Super Mario 3D World stream in particular (where we took on the final hidden stage of the game, “Crown-Crown”) was placed on KakuJomics Gaming.

Super Mario 3D World – Crown-Crown – Final Stage/Level with Rosalina

My grandmother is coming up from Oklahoma in a couple days to stay a week. Lily will be ecstatic, I know. I wonder if I can convince her to go on camera long enough to record a Let’s Talkujo with her…?

Closing Comments:
Well, it may be a few days late, but Happy New Year, Bits and Bytes! Let’s continue KakuJomics with ever-increased enthusiasm!
Until next comic…