Would you believe I play video games? Yeah? Yeah, that makes sense.

Dang it, Link! Now a bunch of old people have to seal Ganon in the sacred realm– and you know the havoc that’s gonna wreak?

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Video Games:
I relapsed into playing Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts again. I’m sorry; I just love that game so bad. It’s beautiful, both music and style, it’s challenging yet satisfying, and it’s a racer/platformer hybrid. Yes, it’s frustrating at times, but it’s still nothing near Demon’s Souls (and we crapped our pants with delight over that game). But it’s oh, so satisfying to get that T.T. Trophy. You can build your own vehicles from hundreds of parts; it’s basically lego with vehicles. Without the screaming in pain while prying two 4x2x1 blocks apart. You can make a wagon, a kart, a formula 1, a helicopter, an airplane, a tank, a boat– The mechanics necessary to change from one type to the other or even to make an unholy hybrid of all types is simple, too! Just slap some propellors on that wagon and BAM– I’m flying my Mumbonuts across the farm in style!


But I get that people are upset about it being a Banjo Kazooie game. In their defense, Microsoft/Rare really could have just used another character or been more clear as to the type of game it was going to be.

Shelter (Part 5/THE END)

Our Playdate Excursion was successful! There were soooo many kids (and parents), and the coffee was amazing. The commute there and back was ridiculous, though (1.5 hours to and from). Still, Lily had so much fun!

Last night was Portland’s Tree Lighting Ceremony festival thingy (I don’t actually know what it was called). After an hour commute into City Center, we packed in amongst TONS of people as some men and women in suits warbled into the microphone about fundraisers and choirs sang random Christmas songs for an hour or so (all to the dismay of my back as Lily seemed to grow heavier by the minute). But then, they lit the 3-story tall tree, and it was good. Lily also made a few friends out of the strangers we were sardined in with. I’m pretty sure I never felt a sense of community like this in Tulsa. It was satisfying.

Closing Comments:
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