Wanna watch me flop around in some video games? No? Ok, but click this link. …What? No, it’s not a link to my let’s play channel! You clearly just said you didn’t want t– Okay, I’m sorry, it’s a link to my let’s play channel. With time, perhaps, you will come to trust me again.

There are other pipes you could use, Mario.

Video Games:
I played a game about a badger mother shepherding her badger pups through all manner of danger to find Shelter. Also, the game is called Shelter. It’s ridiculously cute!

Shelter (Part 1)

The Stanley Parable (Part 2)

Did you know that sending your kid to preschool for even 1 day a week is $130+/mo.? ONE DAY. FOR 3.5 HOURS PER DAY. Ha…HaHa. Private institutions. But hey, at least Lily will have a shot at developing semi-normal communication skills that extend beyond screeching Pokemon calls.

Closing Comments:
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