I drugged a squirrel and let it roll around on my keyboard and that’s how I make my let’s plays.

So how does the logic work for mushrooms making the karts go faster, anyway? I guess they make the mini-explosions in the engine bigger? Yes. Probably. Yes.

Streamed this comic from start to finish! I’ll update this post with a link to the timelapse, once it’s finished/uploaded.
Edit: Here’s the timelapse!

Video Games:
Majora’s Mask is back on the Let’s Play channel, The Last Door Chapter 2 started and MAN, some LA Game Space games with moths? MM.

LA Game Space Experimental Game Pack 01

The Last Door: Chapter 2 (Part 1)

Got a printer! Taped hand reference all over my workspace! It’s super creepy!

Closing Comments:
Until next comic…