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Gotta research your opponent AND your weapon, DEEDS. Ugghh… Seriously though, could you like, imagine the sheer terror? It’s one of those things where I just kind of blanked out for a few minutes thinking about it. It’s the gut-sinking feeling you get when a Tank appears for the first time in Left 4 Dead, times… a million-billion. You’re just screwed.

Reddit is a content-producer’s nightmare. If you’re following the hubbub on Facebook and mostly Twitter, you’ll know that I’ve been in a tiff (HA. KIRBY ANIME) over Redditors direct-linking/hotlinking my comics, lately (i.e.- Linking to my images, rather than my site, so I get all 100,000+ hits’ worth of bandwidth pummeling but no ad revenue to offset hosting costs). The last one (081-Animal) was ridiculous and would have been the biggest surge my site’s ever received. Let’s get some numbahs up in here, ERK:

19,962 total vote count on Reddit. Keep in mind, not everyone even votes, meaning upward of 20,000 visiters to my site.
10 pages viewed per visiter, average, meaning upward of 200,000 pageviews.

My comics vary in length, but tend to be pretty large. Just stop for a moment and think about how much bandwidth that would be. Done? Moving on…

Okay, so actual hits from Reddit that registered at my ad provider?

900 hits. And I’m lucky if my site doesn’t blackout for half the day.

I’m usually able to contact a moderator and have them remove it pretty quickly, but this is only after I find the post, which is only possible if someone posts the actual source in the comments and someone clicks on that. Project Wonderful doesn’t pick up on the actual URL of the post for anywhere between 2 days and never. By that time, your average Reddit post has already completed its life-cycle and the damage has already been done. So simply having the moderators take down the post after the fact does almost nothing. The silliest part is that it’s actually a rule not to re-host or hotlink comics/images; there’s just no one reporting the posts. Only a comment or two from some well-meaning Redditors that post source and remind the OP of how it affects the content producers. Again, Reddit is a content-producer’s nightmare.

For now, I have htaccess’d hotlinking into oblivion, though at the cost of slightly increasing the load on my site by turning off Google Pagespeed (compressing/caching plugin) as it does not support hotlink-blocking. A perfect solution? Nope, because redditors still re-host my comics to imgur before posting them. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Life.

Video Games:
KakuJomics Gaming updates! Tenoreo, Hamus and I partook of SCP – Containment Breach plus Facecam. Just. Horrifying. Hamus’ silliness certainly makes it easier to watch. Not play, mind you; that was still horrifying. I brought back Majora’s Mask. And I apparently neglected to mention that I started playing Hotline Miami with Facecam.

SCP – Containment Breach (WARNING: Rather Scary)

Hotline Miami (WARNING: Pixelated Violence)

Tenoreo set Lily up with an assortment of colored vinegars and a bowl of baking soda, and just let her go nuts. It was so weird to see Lily so focused and observant. It’s like she’s thinking, now. Ugh, growing up.

Closing Comments:
Now to go back to poking fun at E3 stuff. I’ve got a couple Luigi comics coming your way.


EDIT: I guess the comic’s going up next Saturday. Sorry, Bits and Bytes.