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  1. vash_ts

    now I imagine his final smash, he gets angry, and the scenario explodes….

  2. Para

    It’s just that in the trailer they made his eyes look completely soulless.

  3. Ultamia

    We’re sorry, Villager, but that smile of yours is so damn creepy! If you maybe moved your eyes a bit more, or at least changed emotions once in a while…
    Also, don’t lie, you totally went after Link with an axe.

  4. Quezalcoatl

    Hey man, you’ve been featured on Dueling Analogs. I hope your body can take it- I mean bandwidth. Kakarotujo!

  5. Sal

    Bah, it should have been Tom Nook, beating people up because they owe him money. Oh well.
    Logic dictates that Miis will be fighters in the game. Maybe as a replacement for wireframe/polygon warriors.
    Its actually very clever what they did with the ax. You can’t have him piercing skulls with the ax so instead you use it to knock over trees.

  6. Sleepology

    Best villager SSB video I have seen is one with some TF2 characters commenting on how scary he is in interviews.

    • Sleepology

      It’s called meet the villager

  7. Blaze

    Looks fun, hope i get it.

  8. Creeper king

    You’re not alone kaku

  9. Megan Payette

    Don’t worry Villager, I don’t think you’re creepy. Besides BEN is much, much creepier than you, thank the gaming gods he’s not in the game nor Weegee.

  10. whoa

    You know what else he hasn’t said?

    Anything at all.

    Like you’re making him do.


  11. The Villager is innocent. :'( He never said or did ANY of those things

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