And here we see how being the first at something isn’t always “trend-setting”. Poor Weegee…

Super Mario 3D World! Despite the name, it’s gonna be on Wii U. These naming conventions mean NOTHING TO NINTENDO. O:< But seriously, my Wii U "Want" levels are rising, Bits and Bytes.

Video Games:

The Gaming Channel has been being updated at 8am, this past week. ‘Hope you weren’t looking for me between 6pm and 10pm and missed something. Tenoreo, Hamus and I played TamaGotchi Connection: Corner Shop for the DS. Oh, and a whole bunch of you joined in on a pretty awesome Minecraft server stream, Friday.

TamaGotchi Connection: Corner Shop

Best of Week 5-4 and 6-1


Workety-workety-work. I am a work. This is a work. I just ate a work.

Closing Comments:

I feel like drawing more Weegee.