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Who would you call if you had plant problems? It’s, like, a no-brainer–Oh…

Plants vs. Zombies is one of the few phone games I really got into; ‘played it from start to finish and all that. Like many others, I’m waiting for a sequel, but it looks like we got a Facebook game, instead. Oh, but it looks like an actual sequel’s on the way~

Video Games:
All is well on the Gaming Channel. Narun and I played Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles, and quite a few more one-offs were recorded with my various associates.

Umbrella Chronicles:

Tenoreo’s got Lily and me into jogging at least every other day, and it’s certainly helping my energy. Always good.

Closing Comments:
So hey, Kakujo, how about that Kirby comic–AAUUGH!!


EDIT: No comic, this week. I’m super busy with other things. But NEXT Saturday (06/15). Next Saturday…