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Just a one-panel, this week, as I’ve found myself a tad busy with other things. Have you seen the silliness posted on Miiverse regarding older games? I don’t look at it like “AUGH, THESE KIDS SHOULDN’T EVEN BE PLAYING THESE GAMES” or anything like that. It’s just funny/cute.

Posted a commission timelapse on the comic channel!
Kakujo, Narun and a Chiiiicken:

Video Games:
Not much to report on the Gaming Channel, other than the usual stuff that goes up daily. I think I’m already nearing the end of Mark of the Ninja, and am making a list of other games I might replace it with.

There are freaking Brown Recluses in my freaking apartment. I might have been bitten by one. Frak.

Closing Comments:
Seriously, though. Next week: A Kirby comic.


Edit: The cluster of tornadoes in Oklahoma really threw off my schedule, this week, so the next comic’s gonna be a couple days late. Sorry, Bits and Bytes. :