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Ha! Because she’s white.

Where did she even come from, anyway? What deed did she commit to merit such a curse? HOW DOES SHE NOT NOTICE!? ARE HER REAL EYES SOMEWHERE ELSE!?

Video Games:
Tenoreo, Hamus and I did a Ni no Kuni stream last night and finally got to the part where you can tame/metamorphose your familiars (i.e – Catch/Evolve your Pokemans). The game continues to gain momentum and I respect that. I thought it was typical JRPG fare: well-built, a little more beautiful and delightfully streamlined. But it’s really growing on me.

Gaming Channel updates!

Started playing Don’t Starve (it’s amazing and difficult):

Best of Week 4-2

We’re beginning to sell/donate/throw out everything. Gonna whittle our possessions down to something resembling a minimalist lifestyle. I’m sick of all the clutter and, as long as we’re gonna be staying in Oklahoma another 6 months, I don’t want to give all these giga-bugs somewhere to hide/nest. NoooooOOOOO NO NO NO NO NO NONONONONONOooo… No.

Closing Comments:
I’ll soon be running a stream to draw a “Thank You” pic for all the lovely Bits and Bytes (that’s you) who supported us when we were in trouble, back in December. It’s been a somewhat uncertain time since then, but the site is definitely alright, now. Thank you all so much again! Those who donated, those who bought prints, those who continued to encourage and otherwise support us… You have touched me. Mentally. Like, sentimentally. Yeah, that one.