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  1. PatJamma

    D’aw! It’s Lily! ^_^ So cute! :3

  2. Max

    Coastal areas SOUND great, but they have somthing WORSE than allergies. They have TOURISTS. Take it from someone who SOMEHOW manages to survive mosquitos, sunlight, and flooding. Tourists are proof that there IS a god, and He/She/It is ANGRY at you.

  3. Sleepology

    Aww, I bet she’s just adorable! I can kind of relate to you kaku, got a little nephew I watch once in a while, and Im not saying Im a bad sitter, but Im a bad sitter. Its hard wanting to play a mature videogame with a small child in the room.

  4. Vasqueztion

    Your cat is looking surprisingly less ninja that I would have thought… And I hereby state that Lily is forever dubbed “Tiny Tenoreo”.

  5. Tim

    A comic about GoW and poop.
    Must. Resist…. Color. Palett. Joke!

  6. Bictor

    stupid, inb4 comments isnt posted

  7. Ryan

    I know that feeling. And I died laughing when I realized why they were talking oddly.

  8. Forest_GS

    This is why I check Dorkly comics every once in a while. This looks like a great webcomic, adding to my RSS of 180 webcomics.

  9. PikkaRose

    Awwww, I know how you feel, I’m not a mother, but a big sister, and even though my older brother is like right next to him, the little guy(my little brother) wants to have a 10 hour conversation well i’m sick and can’t talk. The pain… BTW how old is Lilly now? :3

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