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Get Underslept and Overcoffeed!

And now, a step into what I’m sure many others have endured many a time. ‘Oh, hey, Lily (or Ilia? I think I might just retire that one), I’mma just play this game for like, 30 minutes. If you need anything, your mom’s a room away. That cool? No? Okay.jpeg’ Seriously though, I don’t play these games in front of her, but she can somehow detect when I’d rather not be bothered and finds it suitable to act in reverse. I can’t take anything seriously, anymore…

Video Games:
You PS+ subscribers out there no doubt know about the latest to come to our “Instant Game Collection”: Malicious. Or as I like to call it: Lots of Anime Yelling. It took me some time to settle into it, but once I reversed the camera control, I managed to spend a few hours on it. In Mega Man-esque style, each “level” is pretty much just a boss-fight. A really long, drawn-out, Bayonetta-ish boss-fight. And when you defeat your quarry? A new power. There is, however, pretty much no exposed story; you have to read through 40-something pages of text if you want to know who the hell it is you’re even fighting. It feels kind of cut-cornery, but it’s useful for those “I have a headache and just want to zone out and drool a while” days.

Gaming Channel updates!

Started playing Mark of the Ninja:

Best of Week 4-1

Allergies, allergies and– you guessed it: Allergies. Oklahoma has been hit with record-high allergies for a few weeks, and it’s been very difficult to enjoy much, let alone recording videos. With an unholy concoction of meds, I can clear myself long enough to record at most about 3 vids, and even that’s pushing it. I need to move to a coastal area or something…

Closing Comments:
‘Til next comic…