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Now there’s no reason to not give Wart a comeback and for Peach to be the star of the game. Where do I sign for royalties? WHERE!?

Video Games:
There’s actually nothing new on the Gaming Channel, this week (save the regularly scheduled content), but I’ve been getting further in Ni no Kuni. I’m in full-blown JRPG mode with it. I haven’t played a game for more than two hours in a sitting since… Bioshock 2? I couldn’t tell you the last time it was for an RPG, though.

Apparently, last September, my town pumped Chloramine into our water supply to neutralize some other chemical that was in violation of health standards. A lot of people protested it, but it mostly passed with little attention. Last month, the next town over also added Chloramine, again to protest and such. Unfortunately for me, it looks like the rain’s been transferring some of it our way and now our water is so saturated with the stuff, everyone’s breaking out in rashes and sore throats. Well before knowing this, Tenley and I both had been complaining about said symptoms and now I’m just disgruntled. I’m sure this is in no small way to blame for my difficulties recording, lately. Way to go, Oklahoma. You could have spent a little more and sprung for charcoal filtering from the start, but hey, Chloramine’s cheaper. I’m so glad we’re moving to Oregon, soon.

Closing Comments:
There might be a gaming stream tonight, depending on whether or not I can manage a nap. Lily’s unfortunately fallen ill, and it’s put her in a rotten, scream-y sort of mood. So it’s a “Maybe”.