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I don’t know why, but drawing Zelda comics always takes it out of me. Maybe it’s just because it takes effort and I am a man-baby. Probably. Anyway, this comic idea came to me in the form of Spark, a buddy I met through my YT vids. Sorry it took so long to get it done, Spark. Also, everyone else.

I’m ’bout to start a Kickstarter for that mug everybody was making a fuss over on Reddit. I FINALLY got ahold of the right people and I’m hoping to get this going in time to ship out for the holidays. It’d be cool if it goes well. I’d like to take the moneys from it and expand the store into some other baubles. I’ve got ideas, man. Also, wouldn’t it be fantastic if I could just draw comics for you guys? Like, all the time? Yeah, man…

Video Games:
SO many updates on the Gaming Channel. Minecraft is just about to start a new “season” with a custom mod-pack made by yours truly. In the same breath, I’m going to finally build that blasted Golden Tingle Statue. Also, Banjo Kazooie started with Narun, Harvest Moon: Back to Nature started with Narun, and Tenoreo joined in on an episode of Silent Hill Downpour. See, this is what happens when I don’t update the comic as often as I’m supposed to.


You Can’t Just Do That, Rare! (I Freaking Peed XD)

Are You Wooing a Box!?

Oh, This is Pretty!

Life is coo’. Working on a few too many side-projects at the moment, but it’ll clear up some after November’s over. Heheh…

Closing Comments:
Well, it’s late. As usual. Only, now, I need to process tomorrow’s videos. More coffee, I say~!

Until next comic; see you then~