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And finally, it’s revealed where all my comics come from. In between Dreamland rescues, Kirby showers (sprinkles, really) the world with comics. I just make the blog posts…

Video Games:
New stuff on the Gaming Channel! Minecraft started its 2nd Season; and Tenoreo, Narun and I played a couple rounds of Super Smash Brothers Brawl!



In Another Life, She Is Mine

You Will Never Be a Sandwich!

I’m near the deadline of a couple do-or-die projects and I am gonna be BUSY over the next week. I’ll try to upload videos every day, like usual, but I can’t make too solid a promise. DO look out for special episodes on Halloween, though. Those are already ready to go~

Closing Comments:
I’ve been drawing comics, thumbnails and wallpapers all night. I’m, uh… Kind of done drawing, for a bit. Gotta go do something unrelated… Like sleep, maybe?

Until next comic; see you then~