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Err, I think I’ll take ManLady (Silver) over this guy. *Shudder*
This comic proved to me that I am getting faster. I’ve always considered myself slow at drawing (partially due to the hardware/software I’m using, but ehh), but to go from draft to completion in only around 4 or 5 hours isn’t too bad at all. Especially compared to my timelapses (between 9 and 15 hours). So WHOOOOOO!!

Video Games:
My Brother-in-Law randomly gifted me Borderlands 2 through Steam, so I played a few hours with him. OH. MY. PIKA. They took every complaint I had about the first one and just DESTROYED THEM!! *aherm* That is to say, I rather enjoyed it.

I made a gaming announcement in the form of a pic on Facebook/Twitter. See if you can find it. ;P

Now in full swing on the Gaming Channel: THUMBNAILS!!

Oh, That Is Morbid!

It’s All About the Diamonds, C.O.R.E.!


I made myself a schedule a couple weeks ago, and it’s really helping me keep up with things (I made a comic within a week, man!). That’s pretty much all. But, y’know, it’s a pretty big deal.

Closing Comments:
Nothing more to say other than my little sister is over and I’m gonna chill with her and a game or something

Until next comic; see you then~