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Get Underslept and Overcoffeed!

This may be the closest thing to political I ever get. “The Issues” take on many new difficulties when you live in a world of living objects. Could you imagine trying to pass a law in Banjo Kazooie!? MEH!!

Video Games:
As always, the Gaming Channel continues. YouTube’s extended thumbnail priveleges to more peeps, and I was one of ’em! I tested it out with a couple recent vids, but it doesn’t necessarily mean all videos will have them from this point on. It’ll take a bit to build up a library of appropriately themed Kakujo-Faces to use, but it’ll get to that point within a month or so, I’m sure.

Here’s an example:

Aaaaand Spotlights!

It’s a Nerd Joke!

I Found My Girlfriend Cheating On Me…

Double Enchanted Face-Palm

Life’s cool, if a little hectic, lately. I’ve got more work going, along with a few secret collabs I can’t talk about until later. Also, I’d really like to finally do those commissions, get a wallpaper up and start doing payed commissions. Mo’ money = Mo’ comics/videos, afterall.

Closing Comments:
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