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COBBLING BY KAMEK!! Oh, I’m sorry, what was that about loopholes?

I’m trying textures in the background, with this one. I know texture overlays aren’t for every comic; I’m just experimenting, as always. I honestly like the pastel look in this one. I probably won’t always use it.

Video Games:
New things on the Gaming Channel! Minecraft’s 100-Episode Special came and passed, with an overwhelmingly positive response, Majora’s Mask started (and is up to episode 5), and oh, so many tasty Spotlights~!

Speaking of which:

To Fight a Goldeen…


Hire Me, Nintendo. Do it.

Ilia got sick with something near the end of last week, and it’s resulted in near-nightly “Up ’til 5am” freakouts, since. We finally got her in to see the doc, and he said it’s just a really bad cold. Still, this ordeal has me worn out. Add the cherry-on-top that is her ALSO not being able to go to daycare, and I am QUITE toddlered out.

Closing Comments:
Perhaps I can get the next one out quicker than 2.5 weeks later, now that Ilia’s more-or-less in Tenoreo’s care. ESPECIALLY if she’s over her cold by this weekend. We can only hope, yeah…?

Until next comic; see you then~