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Ya’ gotta be careful with your phrasing there, Kakujo. Drowzee’s DO Confuse themselves, every once in a while. Or perhaps this is merely a legal loophole? Who knows, that’s the fun behind this comic; it could imply a couple different things.

Video Games:
I love the new Minecraft update! Adding Emerald, Cocoa, books you can write in, new terrain features, bonus chests, tripwire, more stairs, more half-slabs, and tweaking a whole bunch more is great, but it’s really pushed me to get back to Vanilla Minecraft and try my hand at redstone contraptions. When Minecraft returns on the Gaming Channel, you’ll definitely be seeing some creations, before too long. Oh, I almost forgot the most important part (to me): You receive experience for mining and smelting, now! How awesome is it that you get rewarded for performing actions that define the very game itself!? WHAT A CONCEPT!! Maybe I’ll ACTUALLY gain some levels and ACTUALLY enchant some stuff, now.

Ah, yes, the Spotlights:

Am I Supposed to… Say Something?

It’s So Great to Have Friends

Colonel Mustard Killed Lady Gaga

Tenoreo’s schedule-change is in full effect, and I am having the most difficult time adjusting to it. I keep having to remind myself my work schedule is shifted a day forward. I suppose writing out a set schedule for myself could do some good…

Closing Comments:
That’s all, for now~! I’m gonna try to get another wallpaper up, soon. I’ll at least put the one from a couple months ago in the free section (sorry!). XD

Until next comic; see you then~