I just imagine Tingle liking Metapod. They’re both green… etc… *cough* Every time I put Tingle in a comic, it ends up being a “Da-Da”. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, mind you. I guess I’ve never put the effort in to making a full-blown pun/twist comic for him because he’s just so weird, it would feel too structured, y’know? I mean, the STD comic and its follow-up, I only consider half Da-Da, but eh… Potato; Sandbag.

Oh, hey! Premiere Pro was being a wretched PAIN to work with, randomly, but I finished and uploaded that timelapse!

Video Games:
Three of my LPs are nearing their ends, so I’ve begun considering what to replace those slots with. I’ll probably cut the lineup back to at LEAST 4, though; 5 has been just a liiiittle difficult for me to keep up with. FEAR 3 will definitely be replaced by Silent Hill: Downpour, and Sonic Generations will be replaced by Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Ep. 2. Kirby’s Return to Dreamland is going in there, somewhere…

ANYWAY, have a couple KJ Gaming Spotlights:

Chunky Dog!

Iiiii’m Going Crazy

Life’s good. I’ve mostly been consumed with catching up after my birthday, so I haven’t lived much “Life”. >< Closing Comments:
I’m not certain how I’m gonna have a comic ready for Tuesday, but I’ll find a way. A combination of one more small-ish comic, coffee and immense determination should do it. See you then~

Update: My health suddenly took a dive and my organs are in an extreme amount of pain. I’ll be bed-ridden and hopped up on meds for a few days, but I’ll probably have the comic up Friday.