Get those hits in where you can, Waddledees. I’m pullin’ for ya’. Really, one has to wonder why the Waddledees stay? Are they minions purchased from Holy Nightmare Co. (Nightmare Enterprises) and thusly contract-bound, or do they simply have nowhere else to go? I’d keep them. ALL OF THEM.

I’m particularly happy with the way the third and fourth panels came out. Tenoreo informs me I should edit the last panel and make it a wallpaper, but I’m not really seeing it. Maybe I’ll tinker with it.

Video Games:
Picked up a few new games, recently: Silent Hill: Downpour, FFXIII-2 and Lollipop Chainsaw (on its way). All are intended for LPs, so you’ll be seeing a lot of me screaming, gushing, and giving awkward responses to entirely too much raunchiness; respectively.

I’ve finished the Cave Story+ and Sonic Generations (recorded; not uploaded) LPs! I had a lot of fun with both, but particularly enjoyed going through and voicing all the CS cast. Now, if I can just push myself through the rest of FEAR 3 (*grumble mumble like, 3 scares grumble mumble*), I can get started on the aforementioned titles, in addition to Kirby’s Return to Dreamland and POSSIBLY StH4:Ep.2.

Have some Spotlights:

Some People Are Just Polite:


Women? Ladies?:

All is pretty standard. We’re still not certain what happened to my organs, but it looks like I actually found a way to OD on coffee? Seriously, did you know you can do that!? Mind BLOOOWWWNN!!!

Closing Comments:
I am officially done with bonus comics for a while. Most of my obstacle in getting them all done, on time, was trying to chug enough coffee to get around my sometimes-crazy family’s schedule, THEN dealing with the resulting failure of my liver/kidney. >< For now? I'm going to put any spare time I have into finally doing those commissions. So sorry to those I've stiffed up until now... ( ._.) But HEY, look on the bright side: Any time lost will KIND OF balance out with the fact that the pics will be more skillfully done, what with me slightly improving with every comic. Anyway, until next comic; see you then~