05-08-2013 Edit: This comic used to have more dialogue, but I feel it’s better without.

THIS IS WHY WE CAN’T HAVE VOICECHAT. The day Journey was released on the PSN, I bought it, knowing thatgamecompany (creators of flOw and Flower) was manning the helm. However, what I found was an experience even deeper still than I expected. One that I had to play, like, 4 times. In one night. I didn’t sleep that night, but it felt worth it (at the time). Touching scarves to recharge flying in co-op made me giggle the moment I saw it, so this one’s been in the pipes for a bit.

Also, while I didn’t do any KJ Vlogs with it (I’m trying to get my studio area sound-proofed, at the moment), I did record every second of me drawing this comic, so expect a timelapse on my art channel very soon.

Video Games:
Things on the gaming channel have been good. The Daily Spotlight has been well-received. Have a couple:



When I first started writing this blogpost, I was gonna say, “Oh, MAN… Did I just update on time!?” But then I remembered this comic was supposed to go up Friday. Even then, Lily was having trouble sleeping and I fell asleep TWO HOURS BEFORE MIDNIGHT trying to comfort her (she finally went to sleep, mind you, but DANG IT). This is my life, I suppose… T___T

Closing Comments:
I’ll try to have this next comic up on Friday. Other than being busy with sending out donation prints, my birthday is tomorrow. I haven’t planned much, so I don’t see it being much of a distraction, though. And, er, that’s not as depressing as it sounds; I just really don’t like celebrating holidays much, especially my birthday (childhood skeletons and whatnot). AHERM!!! See you then~