Sometimes, even Mario needs to get some satisfaction. He saves Peach, EVERY TIME, and then she, what, gives him a light peck on the nose and flies back to her castle to bake cakes for the next time Koopa kidnaps her? PSH. Mario needs love.

This one was meant to go up on Friday, but there was a fairly severe family emergency that occupied most of my week. Still, sorry. Two more bonus comics are to come. This Friday, and finally Tuesday. Then, back to weekly updates. Oh, and WEEKLY UPDATES, am I right? Speaking of which…

I updated the site header to better reflect what the site is actually about. The old header/menu just looked remarkably generic, but I’m very happy with this one.

Video Games:
You played Skullgirls, yet? If you like fighting games, you should check it out. I’ve only spent maybe an hour on it (I wanna save my first playthrough for an LP with my sister), but it’s a very solid game. They only had so much time and budget, though, so some features went missing (Like a movelist? What the hell?). They DID say, though, that they’ll release a patch for it AND various DLC if it sells well. And MAN, do I hope it sells well. I WANT MORE CHARACTERS.

Updates have made a full return on my gaming channel. The two retro spots have been put on hold while I finish up some other games(Sonic Generations is back~!); five is QUITE enough to keep me plenty busy.

Fez is still incredibly fun!
Have a Spotlight:

I’m getting better about focusing and keeping a schedule with my comic and video stuff, lately. Procrastination is an evil I too often succumb to, but I’m trying, y’know? Either way, Tuesday updates are a go, so you can always expect those, from now on. As I’ve mentioned before, all the sporadic updating has had the happy side-effect of allowing me a formidable joke database. I have comics lined up for, like, ever. So yeah.

Closing Comments:
With the site looking oh, so spiffy and everything slowly coming together, I once again feel invigorated. I’ll do my best to keep this energy up. Or, you know, drink coffee.

Expect another comic, Friday. See you then~