Hurray! Another quick release! I only had to not sleep at all! XD
When it comes to the human characters, Professor Oak’s one of my favorites. Professor Oak or James. Anyway, I’ve always liked the idea of Oak secretly loathing his grandson. I mean, come on– Gary’s awful and Oak’s awesome. So why not leave a fart for him? Then again, family and whatnot…

Video Games:
Recording Fez with this new capture card has been surprisingly easy. With all the negative reviews and comments, I figured I’d be in for more setup and troubleshooting, but nope: Popped it in and got it working within the hour! I’ve also started actually updating with “Spotlights” alongside the regularly updated LP.

Check out the Spotlight from the first episode of Fez:

I still hold my initial impressions: Fez is amazing. It manages to be a platformer that randomly becomes a puzzle-game-hybrid without making you feel pressured. Of course, during a recording, it’s best not to linger on one puzzle for too long (as you’ll see in an upcoming episode).

Lily’s birthday weekend passed by swimingly. We all had a great time and I’m still finding it difficult to accept Lily’s age. And GOOD LORD she got taller, again! Also, she’s started speaking small sentences. WTH!? Did reaching age 2 actually level her up or something? Because this all seems rather spontaneous.

Closing Comments:
I need to sleep a couple hours, then record some LPs, then take the missus out on a date. I’ll get on Friday’s comic after all that. See you then~