And that’s why he’ll never find love. He never forgives or gives second chances. How could someone so rigid and inflexible ever find happiness? With a pick-axe, it would seem.

These 3-panel comics are a cinch compared to the ones I normally do. If it hadn’t been for Tenley randomly working last night so she could take off for Lily’s birthday, I’d have had it up even sooner. I always thought there was something wrong with me, what with the hardly ever being able to update regularly, but I guess it was just the sheer amount of time required for my average comic. I’ll have to do some figuring and see what I can work out, as far as a “normal” schedule goes. Maybe I’ll get back to that “Weekly one big comic and one small comic” thing that I proposed forever ago, but never actually did. Let’s play it by… Eye? Ear? Eh…

This girl was supposed to just be a throw-away character, meant for this one comic, but I’ve rather come to like her design. I’ll have to keep her in the ol’ vault in case the need ever arises… Did that sound creepy to you guys, too?

And finally, the latest KJ Vlog has me finishing up the last panel for the commemorative 50th comic.
Check it out:

Video Games:
VERY good news in the Video Games department! For starters, I got KakuJomics Gaming’s first Spotlight up. I’m mashing the Spotlights into a few compilations, so as not to spam peoples’ feeds and also to play a bit o’ catchup. Plenty more are on their way, so if you’ve ever just wanted to get to the good stuff in my videos, you can finally subscribe and start checking my channel! I’m mashing the Spotlights into a few compilations, so as not to spam peoples’ feeds and also to play a bit o’ catchup.

Check out the first Spotlight: Minecraft Spotlights – Catchup (Part 1)

I played the demo of Fez and I am just blown away at how much fun it is. When they talked about its mechanics being like Super Paper Mario, I was afraid it would fall to the same caveat of becoming incredibly monotonous and boring after a while. BUT NO! I was completely enthralled until I finished my little sample. Power-ups and different characters are all-to-often used as gimmicks to cover up lack of polish in the core experience. In a platformer, that core experience is almost invariably going to be level-design. Take Super Paper Mario — Fun concept, likeable characters/sidekicks, BAD WORLD LAYOUT. My eyes would literally bleed (okay, not literally) every time I realized I had to trek back across the near-barren overworld to get ANOTHER HEART for ANOTHER DOOR so I could finish the next task. My reward? Oh, you know, TREKKING TO GET ANOTHER HEART FOR ANOTHER D– *aherm* Excuse me… I finished Super Paper Mario, mind you. I finished it and I liked it. But with Fez, there’s just something about jumping essentially the same platforms and turning the same blocks that oozes charm. Maybe that’s it? Style? I’m not confident a demo can fully enlighten me on the intricacies of Fez’ appeal. I do feel confident in saying the level-design already seems pretty solid. Oh, speaking of which: The biggest news…

I’m finally getting a capture card!! No more being restricted to PC games for Bryan! It’s coming in tomorrow morning, I have Fez all purchased and downloaded, and I’m going to start LPing the poop out of it as soon as I get the card set up. Then we can solve the enigma that is Fez together!

I’ve come to accept that, between Tenley and Lily, someone is always going to be sick if it’s Springtime and we’re in Oklahoma. I plan on fixing the Oklahoma part here in a year or so, but the same can’t be said for the girls’ immune systems. >< Lily will be turning 2 years old in 2 days. It's crazy how big she's gotten since I first started these comics. The doc' says her height is average, for a 3 year old, and I believe 'im. The "Terrible Twos" seems to be setting it nicely. Her new favorite thing to do is to respond to every lovey greeting I give her with an awful shriek. It's just... It's just awful. But I still love her. Even though she gives me tenidous. Closing Comments:
This weekend is pretty full of Lily stuff. Either way, it’s her birthday and I’d like to spend some extra time with her, so the next comic will be Tuesday. Like I said, they’ll be out “the following Tuesday/Friday at the latest.”

See you then~