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  1. PatJamma

    The problem with short comics like these is the punchline is ALWAYS sitting in plain sight. Not that I didn’t find this one to be fantastic and funny like always. But maybe have 4-pannel comics with the punchline below the the middle one?

    • That’s so true! I think I recall admitting before that short comics are my weak-point. Gotta put some extra thought into the next one’s panel layout…

  2. Alexx

    Man a three panel comic just seems so odd but the humor is very Kakujo, I really love Resseti’s design he looks so manly!

    • Yeah, it does feel a little weird. And thanks! Making him manly was mostly arbitrary but TOTALLY necessary.

  3. pokefan997

    sorry for the dumb question, but i can’t tell, is she on a date with Resetti, or did he just show up?

  4. windwaker

    Great comic. Oh yeah congrats on the 50th comic!

  5. oej98

    Kakujo, if you have time (and if you have a really good PC), could you look into Thaumcraft 2? It’s a Minecraft mod that is the first to actually keep my attention. It makes the goals it sets for you hard but not frustrating (unlike the legendary problem in Minecraft: “Where the heck are all the diamonds…?”). Seriously, please go check it out. http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/838839-125-thaumcraft-213b-updated-on-2142012-hotfixed/

  6. Kirby ybriK

    Say “restart,” and you’re probably okay. Say “pretend that didn’t happen,” and you’re dead. ALWAYS SAVE BEFORE RESTARTING

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