Poor guy. Can’t catch a break, really. But for that brief moment, Luigi was king in, well, some way. He had a lot of action-shots, anyway.
This is the first comic I’ve ever recorded from start to finish. I’ve done a KJ Vlog for every key-point in the comic’s process.

The finale for this comic was uploaded earlier today:

I’ve made a few errors here and there, but hey, it’s all new to me. The time-lapse will take a bit to finish, as I’ve some moderate editing to do on some parts.

Video Games:

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I’ve split my gaming channel’s schedule:

Mon, Fri and Sun:
Minecraft Single, Minecraft Duo and EarthBound Day

Tue, Thur and Sat:
FEAR 3, Spanky’s Quest and Cave Story+

So those are pretty much the games I’m playing, right now. I still play Catherine on the PS3, but I can’t record that without more hardware. The Minecraft Duo with my cousin, Malik, is always fun to record. We usually record a good backlog, but end it with the “One More Video” at 3am. If you listen for it, you can tell which ones they are. XD Lately, we stop ourselves before it gets to that point, though.

With Cave Story+ and EarthBound, I’ve inadvertently turned them into gaming commentary/voice over features. I’ve mentioned before how I’ve always been interested in voice acting, but I never considered channeling that interest through my LPs. Mind you, they’re all cold reads and I have to decide what voice to give someone in only a few seconds, so they can only be so good, but I still have a blast. Also, I never realized how tiring voice acting can be. I need to do more situps or something.


Lily’s fully recovered and happier than ever. Sending her to daycare for a few hours a day, two days a week has benefited many a thing in our lives.

Tenley and I started conceiving plans to move, soon. I can’t be too specific, but it’s somewhere far more north (I can’t stand the summers here) and far less lame. I have a clear goal to work towards, so I’m going to continue to strive towards one comic a week again, like before. Granted, I have more responsibilities than when I first started this comic, but I will NOT let myself go the way VGCats and the like have gone.

Closing Comments:

I’m sure there are more things to say, but it’s 3am and I’m tired. I’m working on making some changes to the site and getting that timelapse processed, tomorrow, so expect both, soon. Let’s shoot for another comic by next Tuesday! See you then~