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  1. Dont worry Luigi, you are still the best…

  2. PatJamma

    XD I thought by watching the video I was going to already know the punchline and think the comic was lame but quite the opposite! PS I read this while I was in school. I’m such a naughty kid. >=D

    • That’s good to hear!

      P.S. – Big brother is watching you… >.>

  3. Damn that Mario. I hope he gets stuck in world 2-2 forever.

    • A water level? That’s harsh!

    • fg

      note sure if mari0

  4. Ha, didn’t see that coming.

  5. nignog

    people dont realize that luigi’s ALWAYS been better than mario.lets start with his fame, you know what they say, the best soldiers are the 1s you’ve never herd of.now lets go with his moves. 1. he has a karate chop, witch means hes skilled in some martial arts. 2 he doesnt have a wimp bouncing fireball his hits straight at you.he has a uppercut, that he can choose to make it playfully weak or absolutely murderous, hes in control of his own power. he has the ability to not only rocket propel himself but hit you dead on with his sjkull with absolutely no adverse reaction to himself, plus hes a master of halucinegenic medicines, lets see dr mario pull that off. he can jump higher fly farther. and kick ass better. but heres the 1 thing you need to always remember.
    mario saves peach but guess who saves mario
    case closed

    • Dare I say, amen? If only he could get over that lack of confidence…

  6. C3ed

    You should totally be famous with work like this Bryan. This is good.

    • Wow, thanks! I’m not certain I’m that good, but I still appreciate the comment. XD

      • oej98

        Well, as my friend David put in his Skype mood description: “Kakujomics: The best think since swiss cheese.”

  7. Winged Luigi1

    it’s funny because they’re playing the wii

  8. Draycora

    Hey, I was wondering if I could make comic suggestions? I got an idea that has potential, but I’m not much of an artist. ^^;

  9. Luigi you freakin cheater!

  10. Creeper king

    Say, I have a great idea for a comic. Navi and a windmill. You can imagine the rest

  11. Arealgamergal2546

    I saw this one on Halolz It was hilarious WD! ^^

  12. Funny Pict, Mario is the best :P

  13. reminds me of childhood, now video games are too violent

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