Get Underslept and Overcoffeed!

It’s nice to draw another long one. Granted, I’d rather it not have taken a month to finish. I got wrapped up in a crisis at work and started a YouTube channel for gaming commentary. Sorry, I’ll try harder in the future. -__-

Metapod’s another one of my favorites. I love the ones that seem useless, but in reality, they… Well, yeah, Metapod’s pretty useless. However, I don’t like Magikarp. Maybe it’s because he’s (seemingly?) unintelligent? Or are Metapod and Wobbuffet simply reflections of what I see inside myself!? *sips cocktail* *AHEM*

In any case, I’ll be recording the next comic from start to finish, making it a feature on the secondary YouTube channel I made specifically for “Comic Vlogs” and time lapses. You get to see behind the scenes stuff and hear my thoughts (in the case of the “Comic Vlogs”), I am more encouraged to draw for longer sittings at a time; everyone wins.

Video Games:
Right, so like I said, I made a YouTube channel for videos of me playing video games and trying to make you laugh/pity me.

Pretty much every game I’m playing right now is on the PC. A capture card is required to record console gameplay, so I’ve mostly shifted to the PC, for the sake of my channel. Decent capture cards are around $200, and the entire setup would be more around $400-$500. Still, there are quite a few awesome console games I’d love to record. *COUGH* Incidentally, may I remind you I am open to donations? >.>

Life’s all good. Recently, Tenley and I started sending Lily to daycare once a week so we can have a date and catch up on errands, housework, work, etc. We decided to up it to two days a week, then she got a double ear infection the day we were going to send her. I was all prepared to spend the entire time drawing the comic and recording videos, but then I had basically the opposite. She’s already feeling better, though, thanks to antibiotics. Maybe I can even get some sleep, tonight!

Closing Comments:
Well, that’s all I can pull off the top of my head. Oh yeah, a reminder to like KakuJomics’ Facebook page and follow me on Twitter, where I post exclusives and step-by-step preview panels. While you’re at it, subscribe to my gaming YouTube channel and comic YouTube channel.

Ugh, I’m getting queasy from all this self-promotion. In any case, I’ll start on next comic immediately. My boss is outsourcing some of the work I normally do, so I have more time for the next one (yay!). See you then~