Two poop jokes in a row? My bad (not)! At first I was worried, but I like how Fi turned out. I guess I also just like Fi.

The first time I read Fi say “essence”, I immediately envisioned poo. I’m just immature, I suppose. Either way, I comic had to be made, this I knew.

Video Games:
Due to the obstructive nature of the gameplay and my “gaming area” being in the living room, I don’t get too many opportunities to play Skyward Sword. It’s been really fun, though, if a little monotonous at times. Let me elaborate: When it’s fun, it is VERY entertaining. When I’m having to recalibrate every 20 seconds (no, I’m not flailing the Wiimote) because I’m trying to carefully carry electric egg-sacs to and into a small hole, I curse Nintendo. And it already being so late in the Wii’s lifespan, Skyward Sword’s art style just BEGS to be HD.

I’ll just come out and say it: I’m one of “those guys” that wants future Zeldas to be 1080p and have voice acting. Cast your stones, fanguys and gals, I am not afraid of change. >:O

Played Dead Island? It’s pretty fun. Bloody and whatnot, like any other zombie game, so it’s not for the kiddies. That dramatic teaser trailer from way back when didn’t do the game any justice. I at first shrugged the game off as a shiny Left 4 Dead clone, but it’s actually more Borderlands with zombies and almost no guns. The melee combat and level-up system are pretty entertaining, especially if you have a friend or three to play co-op with.

I always thought the first game Lily would play and enjoy would be my first: Super Mario Bros.. Nope, it was LittleBigPlanet 2. I’m still not certain why, considering they both share the same platforming concepts. I guess she’s just part of a generation that’s more invested in fancy graphics from the get-go.

Things are getting back into sorts around here. I’m finding a lot more time to work on the comic, now that web-design work is slowing down. My motivation has made a triumphant return, as well, so I’m sure good things will come.

I’m gonna get right to work on the next comic. All these delays have had the happy side-effect of stocking up on comic ideas, so that won’t be a problem, for a while. Anyway, see you then~