I really like drawing Wario. He and Waluigi are already pretty exaggerated characters, so it’s difficult to decide where to take liberties with their design, y’know? Either way, they’re just fun-guys (har-har).

As for my extreme tardiness: For those who don’t follow my Twitter or KakuJomics’ Facebook page, I announced the comics’ schedule shifting to “unscheduled”. Not to say there will always be a month’s wait between comics, this one was just a little complex and I underestimated it. In reality, I was mostly overcome by random Artist’s Block. It seems to be happening more and more, lately… So hey, maybe tricking my brain into thinking it doesn’t HAVE to draw will make it draw? Sorry I’m so complicated… T-T

I’m trying out a new technique: The far-backgrounds no longer have lines. Ideally, this will reduce panel clutter and confusion as to what to even look at. Art 101, right? Eh, we’ll see. It will take time to improve (as with all techniques, ad infinitum), but I think I like it.

Video Games:
I’ve been playing my new 3DS, the past week or two. I picked up the Super Mario 3D Land bundle, along with Ocarina of Time. Zelda’s better than ever, but Mario 3D Land really showcases the system’s strengths. For them to implement 3D in a way that adds something other than aesthetic– that is to say, it actually contributes to gameplay –well, kudos, Nintendo.

The 3D-ified version of Kirby’s Adventure is a lot more fresh than I thought it’d be. I sat on the decision to pay $6.99 for a NES game I’ve played dozens of times for near a week, but I’m glad I went for it. The novelty of 3D’s addition is one that hasn’t worn off on me, yet. I will literally mail Nintendo my wallet, if they give the Super Mario Bros. and Sonic the Hedgehog series the 3D treatment.

I still need to finish Skyward Sword and, like, a bajillion other games. My ridiculous backlog continues to expand. >.>

The comic’s continued health is in no way helped by Lily suddenly developing severe separation anxiety. It’s an overly-convoluted ordeal just to put her to bed, lately. Plus, with Tenley’s increased need for time to work, school and relax, the near-future is uncertain. TToTT

Lily’s growth is chugging along smoothly. Being force-fed rice crackers as she says, “Ahhh, nom”; watching her sing along to Totoro’s theme songs; saying “I love you”, and hearing “I ya yu”, in return– it’s all an indescribable feeling. All the sacrifice is absolutely worth it.

In other news: My Artist’s Block is pretty much overcome. I’ll try to excrete another comic as soon as possible. Hint: Zelda. Anyhow, see you then~

P.S. – This new blog style doing it for anyone? The “Header per Category” thing? I’ll probably stick to this so you can decide what you want to read (not every gamer wants to read about my baby, I understand).