There. An STD joke, 25 comics back, just so I could make this meta-joke. Don’t get it? Read comic No. 18. I knew I’d be doing this one, somewhere down the line. I’m fairly satisfied with the way it came out. The color scheme bothers me, though, for some reason. I’ve drawn most of my life, but I’ve only started coloring things when I began this comic series, which means I’m VERY inexperienced. I look at other webcomics and the atmosphere they’re able to create with their color schemes, and I aspire to be like them, one day. It’ll happen. One day.

Sonic Generations has, quite thoroughly, knocked my socks off. I’ve blasted through the main story, and am now working on completing the challenge-stages, collecting red-star rings, and achieving S-Ranks throughout. I’m so glad to find a Sonic game I truly, genuinely enjoy. Having said that, I definitely could have done with at least one StH3 level. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for DLC. DLC for a Sonic game that’s actually a lot of fun? *puts on orange wig* Shut up and take my money!

I received another web project, in addition to my regular job. Also, the next comic is a bit bigger than the last two, so I most likely won’t be back next week. Maybe next Friday? If not, definitely two Tuesdays from now. See you then~