Do it. Get another player, stack Dedede on top of Kirby, then inhale a Needlous. Wut?

Kirby’s Return to Dreamland has been a blast, for me. Kirby’s been more of an innovator, as of late. What with all the experimental gameplay/art styles, I’ve felt deprived of classic Kirby’s copy abilities (come on, it’s what makes Kirby Kirby) and old-school platforming. Return to Dreamland is the most sincere fan-service I’ve experienced in many a year. Copy abilities return, multiplayer that you can pop in and out of like in Superstar returns. It’s so simple, so pure. I love it.

Sonic Generations came out today! Is anyone enjoying it? I’ve been seeing a lot of positive reviews. I was supposed to get my copy, today, but the new UPS girl is apparently terrified of people and knocks once, then dashes away as fast as her sociopathic feet can carry her. A chase ensued, but she was too fast for me. Looks like I have to sit on my porch tomorrow, until she arrives. I’ll be sure to put on my stained wife-beater and best “white trash” face.

This Halloween was Lily’s first trick or treating experience. She handled all the excitement well, until she had a meltdown because we wouldn’t let her walk by herself, in the street. Still, not a bad haul for a 1.5-year-old.

Commissions are still underway. I’ve completed one, started on one, and am waiting for actual requests from three more. TheChrisD, Ronald Durano and Matt Wagenheim; please submit your commission request whenever you like.

Anway, I may see you all next Tuesday with another comic. I had another fairly short comic planned, but it’s still not developed to the point that I like. I have a few others written out, but they’re all long ones that will take a couple weeks. I’ll let you know through my Twitter or KakuJomics’ Facebook page. See you then~