Sorry about the large file-size! This one’s a doozy. Also sad. Hopefully, everyone got the Princess Bride reference.

They say no one ever thinks about the henchmen. It’s pretty difficult to imagine the life of a Mario baddie. One would have to come to terms with all the lives they’ve taken, all the sons/daughters orphaned, all the wives/husbands widowed. Ahh, now I’m bumming myself out! They’re just pixels and programming, right? Right…?

I ended up staying up until 8am to get this one finished. I’m hallucinating, I’m so tired. XD I still enjoyed it (the comic).

Kirby’s Return to Dreamland came out today! I got myself a copy and plan on playing the HECK out of it, after I get a few hours of sleep (a FEW). I’ve been looking forward to a more traditional-style Kirby game for over a decade. Seriously, I have not looked forward to any game this year more than this. Next in line would be Skyward Sword, Sonic Generations, and Arkham City. My poor wallet…

Lily’s officially 1.5 years old, now! Apparently, we’re supposed to start looking into potty training… That just sounds like… fun? Sure, I’ll go with fun. At least she’s obscenely cute.

The next comic is gonna be pretty short (so I can work on those commissions). Don’t worry, it’s still a full joke. I’ll probably have it done by next Tuesday, after which point you can expect a normal-length comic the following week. Now, to sleep. See you next Tuesday~