Necrodeus needs to take a pill. Seriously, every Kirby adventure of late begins with some craaazy wizard-thing inflicting some strange status on the little guy, thus justifying the latest quirky game-mechanic. I was kind of disappointed Mass Attack didn’t incorporate any copy abilities. Okay, actually, I was really disappointed. Honestly, I just miss some classic Kirby. But I guess that’s what Return to Dreamland will be for: Pure, simple, Kirby fan-service. Indeed, I am excited.

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So I’ve been trying out this whole “organizing my life with a schedule” thing, and it’s actually improved many areas of my life. For one thing, it inspired me to start dieting and exercising. This means more stamina/energy, which means more productive hours in the day. This, coupled with a schedule, with CAAAREFUL time management, returns the prospect of at least one comic a week. I’m making no promises. Basically, I’m going to work like I’m making the comic for two weeks from now, draw according to my schedule, see how early I can get it done and go from there. I really would like to at least do one a week. Two weeks really is just too long a time between updates, no?


Guess what!? As of Sept. 25th, KakuJomics has been up, running and updating for an entire year! Neat, huh? It really hasn’t felt that long. I’ve had a lot of fun and met a lot of interesting and kind people along the way. It’s really the connections I’ve made with fans of the comic that inspire me the most. Thank you all so much!

In celebration of KakuJomics’ 1-Year Anniversary and your continued support, 5 people will be randomly selected to receive a free, colored commission from yours truly. I’ll also be posting this announcement on Twitter and Facebook, so either reply to the announcements there or post a comment here; just be sure to include the words “DO WANT!” somewhere in your comment/reply. Entries will stop being accepted Monday, the 17th, at 11:59PM CST. The winners will be posted on Twitter, Facebook and the next comic’s accompanying blog. Spread the word. πŸ™‚

UPDATE: The winners have been announced! The winners from the entrants here are:
1. TheChrisD
2. DEnM

Congratz, guys! I see you’re also following my twitter, so I sent you two a message through there, as well. A hearty thanks to everyone who entered! I’ll do more giveaways as more milestones are met (certain # of comics or certain # of site hits, for example).

See you then~