And here we thought we were safe… I’ve played a hefty amount of 1.8, lately (actually, I just installed the 1.9 pre-release last night), and I’m liking Minecraft’s transition to more of an RPG. Granted, the XP bar does nothing at the moment, but the “Adventure Updates” are far from over.

The ghastly business of Tenley’s brother’s funeral is finally past, and everyone can focus on mourning and whatnot. It was a hell of a couple weeks, I’ll say that much.

My boss sees content to put me in charge of even more stuff at work (apparently, I’m adequately competent), so I’ve been kept busy. I really dislike stringing everyone along with comic release dates. I promise, I don’t mean to; I’m still trying to gauge my free-time with this new job. At this point, I feel fairly confident in saying everyone can expect regular updates every other Tuesday, unless it’s a small comic. If I can ever make a comic less than a bajillion panels, I’ll upload it as a bonus comic the following Tuesday. I seem to lack this ability, however, so don’t get too excited.

Now that this comic’s done, I’m gonna focus on recovering from whatever it is my daughter gave me, for a couple days. See you next update~