Come to think of it, very few games had bathrooms back then. I can only think of FPS games when I remember one… Ah, but Peach’s contractor still needs to be fired. Granted, all the crazy stuff is in paintings, but WHO PUT THEM THERE! Surely, not Bowser. There were already perfect spots on the walls for paintings. Were they always magic? Either way, what the hell, man!?

It feels really good to finally upload another comic. It’s been, what, almost 3 months? I tried to keep everyone updated through my Twitter account, but it ended up turning into an endless cycle of “Work has slowed down! Comic next week!” and “Suddenly got another project… Probably no comic…”
I mean, don’t get me wrong, the money’s awesome. I need it to support my family and all that responsibility junk. But I’ve really missed updating weekly. This comic ended up being extremely therapeutic for me, and it was suddenly gone. To make matters worse, I acquired a nasty Artist’s Block from the sudden hiatus, but I’ve mostly gotten over it.

I wish I could say this is my return to a weekly schedule (really, I do), but I still have this job, and will have it for the foreseeable future. I’m putting more time into the comic, as of the last couple weeks, so I’m still aiming for weekly, though. It just… You know. Crap happens.

BUT! Fate willing, I will return to you all, the 20th, with a new comic. See you then~