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Sorry for the late post. I started this huge comic, then suddenly acquired a job as the designer for a local pool company. Also, the final panels box arts took forever. They were like little panels within panels! I feel xzibited (that’s a word, right?). The job’s a pretty sweet gig, though; I get almost complete freedom with my work, and can work as much (or as little) as I want, when I want. Nice, yeah?

Anyway, my plans for the comic are to keep the weekly submissions. I’ll have to hold back on all these big comics, though if there is a large one I absolutely MUST draw, it’ll be uploaded two weeks later, rather than the usual one. I know: It sucks. I honestly prefer drawing this comic between the two, but, well, it’s not signing my checks/feeding my daughter, y’know? Perhaps, in the future, I can monetize on this in some way and do the comic, full-time. One can dream, anyway…

I won’t be posting a comic next Tuesday. Life is happening to this family. It’s happening fast and all at once, and we need time to adjust and rearrange schedules. I’ll be back with you all next, next Tuesday. See ya’ then~!

Update: Apparently, Luigi’s Mansion 2 was announced at E3, for the 3DS! That’s so freaking awesome! Also, the comic kind of fits, now. Luigi’s making his comeback!