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  1. Rick

    Hahah, awesome and it’s also fitting seeing as they announced they are making a Luigi’s Mansion 2.

    • Holy crap, that’s right, isn’t it!? I’m officially buying a 3DS for that game!

      • Rick

        That’s right I can’t wait for it, the first one was such a great game.

  2. Azadiscool

    Luigi Cart Wii has the best cover art.

  3. Jon J Rambo


  4. narunlg

    super luigi galaxy collect 120 stars to play as mario lol

    • More like collect 120 stars to play as NOBODY. >.>

      • oej98

        Or play as Peach in captivity. :D

  5. This is fun! :) And I’m impressed, you know why? Because when he hums *doot doot* in the last panel, I checked if you wrote it like the theme song he actually hums and you did! I read it and heard the song, pure awesome! :)

  6. Grant Brown

    I love this comic… There shoulda been a super luigi galaxy 2

  7. Dies of laughter XD This is definetly how they should have ended it!

  8. Besides the mansion all Luigi got was dust… Thats how Nintendo thanks the fellow second player… With dust.

  9. Ryan

    I was expecting mario to come out and take the princess or something, but luigi finally got what he deserves, thanks kakujo.

  10. Hey, are you going to update? I get sad every time I come here and there’s no update :( SAD.

    • Yeah, I still plan on updating! I got a new job, and it’s been a bit more time-consuming than I initially anticipated… :(

      A big projects is about to conclude, then it should slow down considerably. Sorry to keep you waiting, but I’ll be back at the tablet soon enough. :)

  11. Ryan

    Come-on man? its been like two months, where is the next comic?

  12. Ryan

    Dear kakujo
    Today I cam onto your site, and cried

    • Sorry, Ryan. ><
      This next one just needs to be colored/shaded and it'll be live. I never meant to get this behind… T-T

  13. ICantThinkOfName

    Anyone notice all the games are Rated L?

  14. Arealgamergal2546

    That was epic XD

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