Argyrophobia: The fear of anything silver. Well, there’s one theory on why Phelps can only pass through gold-handled doors… I randomly decided to make Kakujo the bad guy, today… ‘Not sure why.

I usually don’t do a “topical comic” (i.e. – A comic about a freshly released game), as I disagree with forcing a joke just for the sake of being “with it”. I’ll do one on occasion, if the joke is funny enough, however.

The PSN Store supposedly comes back up this week! That’s exciting, if it actually does come back up. Free games and whatnot! Actually, I’ve really been meaning to buy LocoRoco2, recently.

Sorry if I’m not staying completely coherent; I’ve been under a lot of stress, this past week, and my brain is pretty frazzled. So I guess I’ll stop typing now, while I’m not crashing and speaking gibberish.

See you next Tuesday, for what will be a rather exhausting comic, for me. XD

P.S. – Weegee like~