Kakujo may want to hold off on bringing new “friends” for a while… I’ve been playing a lot of Katamari Forever, lately. It’s the first in the series for me, actually, but I hear that’s not the worst thing, considering half the levels are recycled. It’s an extremely addictive game, I’ll say that much.

This week has been fairly uneventful. Sony’s supposedly turning the PSN Store back on, tomorrow. Free games for all preexisting PSN accounts! I imagine the downloads will be sloooow, what with millions of users downloading at once… They’re also going to begin porting games from the PSP to the PS3! I’m REALLY hopeful for a LocoRoco series’ port. That would be amazing.

Prepare ye’self next week, for a rather large Luigi comic!
Update: With the tornado destroying one of the three days I have to work on my comics, the long Luigi comic will be the comic after this.