I feel like poor Guru-Guru never got his revenge. Then again, I can’t quite understand why the windmill speeding up upset him so much… Does anyone like CD-i Link? The general consensus I’m receiving is ‘No’.

“Why not make him evil?”, I said, “Or at the very least, dumb as Hell”.

So there you have it. I’ve noticed my comics are becoming more mature, as of late. Censored dongs, slightly censored curse words, religious jokes… I think my first 10 comics or so were as innocent as kittens. It’s not like I write jokes specifically for the sake of using profanity, however. If I think of a joke that wouldn’t benefit from a slightly mature slant, then there it is, clean as a dog’s wiener (darn it, there I go again!) . Today’s comic, for instance, was originally 3 panels. Then it was as it is, sans the last two panels, with Link’s final words being different. Finally, I realized the extra dash of spice that could benefit the comic (Guru-Guru being angry and gangsta). Tah-daaaah.

That being said, I apologize to anyone that’s come to expect different from my comics. I’m random like that, and I’m sorry. >.>

But, OMG, the PSN is back up. Well, the online multiplayer part of it, anyway. I finally got to play some community levels in LittleBigPlanet, this morning. S*** was so cash. Just in time for my birthday, too!

Anyway, see you next Tuesday~