Firstly, allow me to offer my humblest of apologies for my near two-week absence. I was only set back about a day, due to Lily’s first birthday (which was awesome, by the way), but then we all got sick, like, 4 times. If I were the kind of person to exaggerate, I’d say “…like, 20 times…”, but no, I’m totally serious. For more than a week, we sat in our house, passing around various sicknesses to each other. It was lame, to say the least.

But now I’m back.

Say “Hello” to Meta Knight’s rump and, er… lump? Eee… *awkardly shuffles feet*
ANYWAY, I had a lot of problems with Photoshop, while working on this one. I’ve narrowed it down to what I think might have been the problem: The comic was too freaking big. It lagged, it whined, and it crashed more than I did that one time at Disney World, when I was young, fat, lazy and had too much cake. So sorry if the comic takes a while to load…

Maybe no more humongous comics. At least not for a while. See you next Tuesday~

Update: I recently noticed a good portion of my readers are on the younger side, so I toned down the last panel. The new version just feels more like my style/humor, anyway.