Cool. I got this comic done on time, and it’s a big one. I feel it’s a simple joke, but the opportunity to draw an obese, sweaty Mario made this all worth it. Consider the emaciated Luigi a bonus. I’ll stay away from Pokemon jokes for a little while. I’ve gotta give love to the other characters. I feel it’s high time for another Luigi or Meta Knight joke.

This Friday, we’ll have had Lily for 1 year! That’s 365 days of poop changing, food slinging, sleepless nights, and adorable faces. I would change nothing. XD

Sega’s promise of a “pure” Sonic game gives me faint hope. “No special powers. No playable friends. Sonic Team is developing it.” As a long-time Sonic fan, I’m well aware of and have thoroughly experienced the “Sonic Cycle“. However, again, as a long-time Sonic fan, I’m going to throw myself into Sega’s arms as it whispers sweet nothings of how it “won’t hurt me, again”, just like every other release. I mean, hey, I didn’t hate Sonic Colors. Granted, Colors was still a little overambitious, for what I expect in a Sonic game. But Generations will depend almost solely on challenging and fun platforming to get itself through. Either way, I’m looking forward to the return of my old buddy, “Black Eye Sonic”.

P.S. – I made a font from my handwriting. It speeds up the comic process. I tried to capture the handwritten essence of it, but also acquire the benefits of increased legibility. ‘Hope no one minds.