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  1. Ryan

    Hey, Kaku. I posted your brock comic on funnyjunk and got to the top 2 rated funny content. CHEERS MATE!

    • Eeexcellent! Thanks, mang!

      • Ryan

        yeah, too bad I frogot my password to that account. The people of funnyjunk really like the creeper ones though, though all of them are funny.

  2. Monochrome

    it’s a good thing Creepers don’t know the concept of walls…or doors…too bad they keep me locked in my house all day and night….I really should start digging an escape tunnel…

    • Monochrome

      but to be serious…I hate Jehovahs….I have to deal with them at least once a week…they’re worse than creepers!!! I’d rather have a Creeper come to my door than a Jehovah, because at least I can be friends with the lonely creeper…what?…all they want is hugs…

      • Ha! Yeah, the square mile around my base is lit up with torches like Christmas, and they STILL find their way to my door. There’s just no winning.

        Oddly, I’ve never had to deal with a Jehovah’s Witness, before. I live in Oklahoma, so I figured I’d have run into one, but I guess I should just count myself lucky.

  3. Azadiscool

    Hey, I found this webcomic from a link someone posted in a comment on Kotaku (it may have been you, actually), and it has already become one of my favorites. For reference, I have over 20 webcomics bookmarked, and this is easily top 3 or 4. I love the art and the jokes are always fresh, keep up the good work!

    • Hey, thanks a lot! Yeah, that was me. XD

      My magical dream is to get featured, one day. I don’t even know how that works, though. Some kind of vote, I imagine.

      • Azadiscool

        Yeah, there was just a vote a couple months ago to change the lineup. I don’t know when the next one will be, but I’ll definitely recommend you.

  4. i often make the mistake of setting up my base on/near my spawn point and when a hoard of creepers blow up my base and i always have a really difficult time getting rid of the crater that remains

  5. spplmj
  6. Ymayro

    Super cool man, your comics are really funny, thanks for making then, by the way your pokemon comic was posted on HALOLZ, shit is just too funny!!!!!

  7. ICantThinkOfName

    Parody to feel the tingle apply the cream:

  8. Arealgamergal2546


  9. likeabaws

    still less anoying than johovas whitnesses

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