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Have a really random comic.

Even your average Christian thinks Jehova’s Witness are a tad eccentric. I asked myself, “What religion would a creeper follow?” The obvious and easy answer, with its suicidal tendencies, would be to push a joke involving a religion with said suicidal stigma. “BAH,” I said, “Too easy.” This way kind of makes sense, what with their seemingly insatiable curiosity at the interior of my shelter. But enough justifying/defending my slightly controversial comic…

I slammed my pinky against a door frame, today, trying to catch a falling bottle of syrup. I may have broken it… So much pain… *ahem* I made a temp-stint with cotton balls, tape, and a broken plastic chopstick. (Hehehe…) It was my left hand, thank goodness. Typing is difficult enough, with it being my left pinky, drawing would be almost impossible with it on my right.

I’ve got my donation prize system just about ready, and my paypal’s finally fixed, so expect to see drastically increased incentives to donate (Commissions and bonus comics, mostly). 😀 The Prize Zone is up and functional! Donate and get stuff! 😀

Anyhow! I’d type more, but my ring finger’s working double-time, tonight, and it’s just about had it. See you next Tuesday~